Python 成為 2007 年度程式語言

大家多多來寫 Python 吧!
TIOBE 最近宣佈了 Python 為 2007 年度程式語言,這裡引用一下原文:

Python has been declared as programming language of 2007. It was a close finish, but in the end Python appeared to have the largest increase in ratings in one year time (2.04%). There is no clear reason why Python made this huge jump in 2007. Last month Python surpassed Perl for the first time in history, which is an indication that Python has become the “de facto” glue language at system level. It is especially beloved by system administrators and build managers. Chances are high that Python’s star will rise further in 2008, thanks to the upcoming release of Python 3.

Python 會成為 2007 年度程式語言,而且 Python 應用領域及能見度首次超越 Perl,原因不外乎是愈來愈多的軟體、平台皆採用 Python 作為其 script 專用語言,這對管理系統或是軟體開發者而言,都是學習並使用 Python 的好理由。Web 開發也不只有 Ruby on Rails 厲害而已,以 Python 為基礎的 django 或 TurboGears 也讓 web 開發變得敏捷快速。
目前 Python 3 (a.k.a. Py3k) 已經在 alpha 的階段,預計 2008 年就會推出,屆時會讓 Python 成為一個更明確的語言(過時的用法、語法都會被拿掉),相信對於 Python 普及性的提升會有更直接的影響。

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